Civil Litigation

TeCSA was founded to represent the interests of solicitors involved in what was then known as the Official Referee’s Court and is now the Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”).

TeCSA is represented on the TCC Users Committee and has excellent relationships with the TCC judges, many of whom have participated in TeCSA conferences and events. It also operates closely with TECBAR which represents barristers specialising in this area with which it has over the years hosted a number of major events on important topics concerning TCC business.


TeCSA remains highly influential in the development of the TCC. It was a contributor to the Woolf reforms and their implementation. It was involved in drafting the Pre-Action Protocol for Technology and Construction Disputes and has conducted surveys into its operation. It has produced important and valued protocols on the use of experts, IT and the role of alternative dispute resolution.

Some years ago it established the Marshal Scheme whereby aspiring construction solicitors are given the opportunity to sit in with TCC Judges and actually see them in action.