Marshal Scheme

Set up in conjunction with TCC Judges in London and Birmingham the Marshal Scheme has now been in successful operation since 2005.

The Scheme allows junior lawyers specialising in Technology, Engineering and Construction related fields to sit with the London TCC Judges and observe Court business for a week.

Those who have taken part in this popular Scheme have found the experience an extremely useful insight into the role of the TCC, its Judges and procedures:


“It was an amazing experience to see the case unfold from a Judge’s point of view..”

“..a very rewarding and stimulating experience and of great value to my overall learning experience.”

“It was a fantastic experience and enabled me to gain a real insight into the way Judges approach cases and their thought process…”

“It was great to learn in more detail how the Courts work behind the scenes and … as useful to meet and speak to the clerks as to the Judges themselves.”

“The clerks were friendly and approachable and well organised in terms of where I was to spend each day.”