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Champagne Summer Party - 25 Years of TeCSA - Sky Gardens

TeCSA v TECBAR - 3rd Annual Match - 16 July 2015

Annual Dinner 2015


26th November 2015

National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place

Annual Dinner 2014

The 2014 Annual Dinner will take place at One Great George Street in Westminster, London on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

Please make a note of this date.  Full details, including how to purchase tickets, will follow soon.

Dominic Helps

Social Secretary

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TeCSA v TECBAR Cricket - 2nd Annual Match - 10 July 2014



Following the TeCSA ’ victory over TECBAR in the inaugural Hudson Ashes contest last year, this encounter was keenly anticipated by both sides.  Would the TeCSA Tonkers of 2014 meet the standard set by their predecessors or would TECBAR deliver the trophy to the Bar for the first time and actually would everyone make it through the match in one piece?

The conditions at the attractive UCL ground in West Hampstead promised an interesting game with the combination of overcast sky and sultry heat promising a swinger’s paradise!  

Leading the Tonkers out again was last year’s winning playing captain, Jonathan Gold (Sheridan Gold LLP) who skilfully engineered a winning toss against TECBAR skipper Martin Bowdery (Atkin Chambers) who put TECBAR in to bat, a result that suited a number of TECBAR players who were still finding their way to the ground but which also worked for s bowling attack. 

TECBAR innings

Sir Robert Akenhead opened the batting with Hugh Saunders (3 Paper Buildings), against a strong bowling attack of Tim Hillier (Berwin Leighton Paisner) and Richard Bailey (Goodman Derrick).  The TeCSA bowlers started well, restricting the obviously talented opening batsmen with miserly lines and lengths.  Richard Bailey, in particular, set the tone by taking Hugh Saunders’ wicket with the first ball of his excellent spell of flighted left arm spin.  At the other end Tim Hillier eventually found just reward for his steady right arm seamers, removing Sir Robert Akenhead with one that nipped back and kept a fraction low.

The tone set, Jonathan Gold rotated his bowlers in the manner of the modern 20/20 captain, with Peter Parten (Mayer Brown), Marc Wilkins (Wragge Lawrence Graham) and Michael Draper (Sheridan Gold) all bowling enterprising spells.

However. the innings was far from being one-way traffic as  William Webb (Keating Chambers) and then Jonathan Selby (also Keating Chambers) batted expertly (Webb) and with controlled aggression (Selby) to give the TECBAR innings a real impetus through the middle overs.  Both batsmen retired at the mandatory 25 runs to an appreciative ovation from their grateful teammates.  Special mention should also go to Ben Sareen (Keating Chambers) who batted very nicely and Omar Eljadi (Atkin Chambers) who took a shy at the stumps in a sensitive place for the team (hopefully TECBAR will lay on more boxes next time!) attempting an ambitiously quick single and was forced to retire hurt.

As admirably as Webb and Selby batted, order was restored for TeCSA by the excellent trio of Stefan Cucos (Fenwick Elliot), Jolyon Bond (Nabarro) and Simon Budge (Wedlake Bell) who collectively stemmed the flow of runs with accurate and intelligent spells of pacey seam bowling.  Combined with s excellent fielding across the board, which saw four batsmen run out as the pressure mounted, TECBAR were restricted to a respectable but not intimidating 102 runs from their 20 overs.

TeCSA innings

The TeCSA innings was opened by Matthew Pexton (Wedlake Bell) and Ralph Hindle (Sheridan Gold).  Pexton was unlucky to receive the ball of the match from William Webb that bounced viciously, left the batsmen and trimmed his off bail. Hindle, meanwhile, in partnership with excellent contributions from Stefan Cucos, Richard Bailey and Tim Hillier, made good use of both the thick inside edge and the thick outside edge to work his way to 25 runs, on which he retired.

The game took on a more aesthetically pleasing aspect as Jolyon Bond and Simon Budge batted fluently to put TeCSA well ahead of the run rate and in control of its destiny.  However, with Bond falling on 24 and Peter Parten, Marc Wilkins, Michael Draper and Stacey Sinclair (Fenwick Elliot) all making excellent contributions but falling to some canny TECBAR bowling, the match reached an increasingly tense climax in the gloaming as the overs ticked down. All credit to TECBAR to avert what at one stage looked a relatively simple TeCSA victory.

Jonathan Gold, who as captain sportingly batted well below his station at last man in, was joined by Hindle, who was permitted to retake his guard (having retired earlier) for a last wicket stand to win or lose the match.  Happily, Gold settled the issue in short order, thrashing one to the boundary through straight midwicket before gliding two runs down to third man to win the match with very few balls in hand.


The bar was open throughout and after the match for spectators and players alike, and an excellent tea was made available for all shortly after the winnings runs were hit.

Many thanks to Matthew Ashman (Atkin Chambers) who organised the excellent and plentiful tea, uncomplainingly kept a record in the scorebook whilst also manning the score board and generally kept things on track all evening.

And finally

Finally, thanks to our umpires Dominic Helps (Corbett & Co) and Michael Soole (Chairman of TECBAR; 4 New Square); and to Dominic Helps (again) (TeCSA’s non-playing captain and Social Secretary) for marshalling the TeCSA troops. Also thanks to Martin Bowdery who marshalled TECBAR’s troops.

TeCSA Annual Adjudication Conference and Panel Update 2013

Please click here for information on the TeCSA Annual Adjudication Conference and Panel Update. 

This event has purposely been arranged on the day of the Annual Dinner to assist members traveling from out of town. 

TeCSA v TECBAR Cricket - 17 July 2013

TeCSA won all the laurels in its recent and long-awaited inaugural cricketing clash with TECBAR giving it the right to lift the TCC 20:20 Cricket Challenge Trophy and the inevitable bragging rights.

Both sides gathered at the UCS playing fields in Hampstead on one of the hottest evenings of this current spell of weather for an exciting and high quality 20:20 contest which left spectators, including the Chairmen of both TeCSA and TECBAR, breathless.

It was not until well after 9pm, with the light rapidly fading, and three balls of TeCSA’s innings remaining, that Tim Hillier of BLP secured the winning run with a bye. That took TeCSA’s total to a winning 127 for 4 wickets down, a total which in the first few high scoring overs looked as if it would be much quicker in coming. Modest Tim commented that his bye was “rather unspectacular” since his sole objective throughout had been “to uppercut the cherry into the pavilion” but he did concede sagely “they all count!”.

Having won the toss, TECBAR skipper Martin Bowdery had  elected to bat. With early wickets falling quickly and tight bowling and fielding keeping their runs down, it looked at one stage is if they would struggle to reach a total of 100. Man of the match, TeCSA’s very own Daniel McDonald (colloquially known as “Macca”) of Fenwick Elliott, did much of the damage taking 3 wickets in his spell as well as going on to score his 25 runs in TeCSA’s innings at breakneck speed with a succession of glorious boundaries. Yes, Macca left the barristers speechless for once! Richard Bailey, also of Fenwick’s, was another who played an important part in knocking the stuffing out of TECBAR bowling searching deliveries into the rough stuff outside the off stump.

 However, largely thanks to Sir Robert Akenhead and Charles Pimlott, their on-field captain, TECBAR achieved a satisfactory innings total of 126. Particular mention in dispatches for TeCSA must also go to keeper Robin Grove of Speechlys who, in the words of one of his colleagues, “showed TECSA’s intent by ruthlessly shattering the bails at every opportunity”. Also playing a key role in steering TeCSA to victory was on-field skipper Jonathan Gold of Sheridan Gold, whose clever field placement and rotation of the bowlers and his unselfish attitude (he neither batted nor bowled all evening!) was such an example to his team. 

Cricket inevitably attracts controversy and so it was to be here when Martin Bowdery, standing as umpire, turned down what he later described as a “highly optimistic and speculative” lbw call from Jonathan Stone of Mayer Brown against Sir Robert at a crucial juncture in his innings. Jonathan’s take on the appeal and the decision was very different, urging that “next year we simply have to have DRS to keep these guys under control”.  TeCSA skipper and umpire Dominic Helps also came under fire for failing to raise the finger for an attempted stumping by Robin Grove which also involved the free-scoring Sir Robert. 

TECBAR took to the field in a jaunty manner, clearly confident that they had the bowling firepower to skittle TeCSA out. Quickly, it began to disappear as Macca and Peter Parten of Mayer Brown got TeCSA off to a cracking start. Although there was a slight dip in the middle of the innings, Richard Bailey and Tim Hillier steered TeCSA home with only four wickets down and three balls to spare. One could not help thinking that, with the quality on display, had TeCSA approached the game more clinically victory could have come a good deal more quickly. But there was still a lot to celebrate over a marvellous spread which Simon Tolson and Rebecca Williams of Fenwicks had prepared for our conquering heroes!

Highlight of the game? In truth there were many. For Tim Hillier of BLP, it had to be when his colleague Tom Bain caught hold of a loose leg-side delivery and dispatched it directly over the stumps behind him catching Sir Robert, TECBAR’s keeper, who had turned to protect himself, smack on the gluteus maximus thereby valiantly saving what would have been another certain boundary for TeCSA! 

Well done to the team and to the supporters who witnessed TeCSA’s triumph in the inaugural year of this challenge trophy. We’re looking forward to next year already. 

Oh, one thing, where is the Trophy? TECBAR had been charged with its procurement which process had regrettably not been completed by the time of the game. Just shows you can’t entrust these barristers with anything practical! Undertakings have been given so watch this space!

Main pic: Click Here

TeCSA’s team on the night: Jonathan Gold (Sheridan Gold)(On-field Captain); Philip Eyre (Glovers); Robin Grove (Speechlys); Tom Bain (Berwin Leighton Paisner); Tim Hillier (Berwin Leighton Paisner); Jonathan Stone (Mayer Brown); Peter Parten (Mayer Brown); Michel Draper (Sheridan Gold); Stefan Cucos (Fenwick Elliott); Richard Bailey (Fenwick Elliott); Daniel McDonald (Fenwick Elliott); Dominic Helps (Corbett & Co) (Skipper and Umpire)

More Pictures:  Click Here








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